SARH Training center - Under Al Joman Consultancy management is a pioneer in the area of Professional certification and training courses. SARH/ ALJOMAN Training Centre is a group of fully qualified professionals in the field of accounting, business, finance and marketing and it is an ACCA Approved learning partner “Gold Level”, such approval is limited to a few similar institutes in the market

Our main comparative advantage comes from our highly skilled staff, from Administrators, logistics and most important our highly qualified instructors who are all thrilling to serve you, and from our exclusive partnerships with some international institutes who are specialized in professionals certificates. SARH/ ALJOMAN facilities and classrooms bring the most suitable environment at a top-notch quality of any educational institute

First : International Certificates

Jordanian Certified Public Accountant- JCPA

Sarh/A l Joman are leaders in the area of JCPA training, we conduct this training every month and the number of our students who passed JCPA exam till now is more than 300 students, Sarh/ Al Joman is the only training center who owned and published JCPA materials which contains of 6 high quality books . And it's also worth to mention that Dr. Hussam khadash who worked as a vice-chairman of the committee of JCPA exams is the JCPA training supervisor

Training period is 126 training hours -4.5 month

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  Certified Management Accountant - CMA

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Program is an examination developed and offered by the Institute of Management Accountant (IMA), and it has been designed to meet the involving needs of business today and tomorrow , as it gives the applicant the needed knowledge and skills in many managerial accounting subjects such as financial reporting , planning , controlling and decision making support.

CMA Course consists of 2 parts:

part 1: Financial Reporting, Planing, Performance and control

part 2: Financial Decision Making 

Training period is 129hrs -2.5 month

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  Certified Internal Auditor - CIA

CIA certificate is the only globally certification for internal auditors and remains  the standard by which individuals demonstrate its competency and professionalism in internal auditing field as it Helps the holder to improve his knowledge on internal controls and other  operational issues, such as IT, Finance, and accounting

Since the beginning of 2015, AL JOMAN Consultancy has become a partner of CIA Hock materials, and has taken the right to translate, distribute, in addition to sell the  Hock CIA materials (Arabic Version) in all Arab countries.

This training Course consists of 3 parts

Part 1: Internal Audit Basics

Part 2: Internal Audit Practice

Part 3: Internal Audit Knowledge Elements)

Training period: part 1&2 (2months, 48 hrs.), part 3 (2 months, 48 hrs.)

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  International Financial Reporting Course - IFRS

The international financial reporting standards course shall provide a broad introduction to the field of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This course shall trace the history of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) from its early roots through to recent changes and updates and future developments. This course will help the trainees to understand how International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are used around the world.

 Training Period is 30 hours (1 month)

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Second : Short Courses

  1. Applied accounting –using Computer
  2. Excel skills
  3. Income Tax and Sales Tax expert
  4. Auditing using Excel
  5. Human Recourse
  6. Presentation skills
  7.  Human Relations
  8. Body Language
  9. Leadership
  10. Customer service
  11. Project Management Professionals (PMP)

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